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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Project Blog Post #32: Easter Egg & Knitting - Chicken Run

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Chicken Run is on NBC tonight. I always liked Wallace & Gromit, and this movie is done by the same folks. I didn't realize there was so much knitting in this movie. The chickens are knitting scarfs and wearing hand knit hats and cowls. How cozy.

And now for the Easter Eggs:
Chicken Run
A dozen eggs are located throughout the menus and submenus. Click on them to learn interesting facts about the making of the film, such as the number of eyeballs that were used. One feature, the Panic Button, is akin to the Omega 13 selection on Galaxy Quest's DVD: If activated, the button will produce one of two screaming outbursts from the hen coop.

From Netflix


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