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Saturday, September 12, 2009


My Beginning Weaving class at Custom Handweavers started this week. Hannelore has a Leclerc table loom, so I'm learning on the same loom that I have at home. Bonus! (one word)

There are plenty of things I've learned from books and videos, but I'm really glad that I'm learning how to weave from an experienced weaver. Not only am I happy about learning from Hannelore's years of experience, but she also has equipment that I don't have yet, like a warping board, raddle, and long lease sticks.

Wednesday and Friday were all about the warp. Warping board, raddle, and lease sticks were all part of the process to get the 4-ply cotton (1600 yds/lb) onto the back beam.

Warp is on, heddles are ready

The heddles were threaded from right to left in a 4-3-2-1 pattern.

1/3 of heddles threaded

Heddles are threaded

Sett = 15 per inch

Sleying the reed

Sleying the reed

Sleyed (is that a word?)

Inch-wide bundles were tied to the front rod.

Tied to the front rod

Today I started weaving. Wheeeee!


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