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Friday, April 20, 2012

It's worth every penny

A relatively small investment can make a big difference.

Mrs. R from Purling for a Purpose in VA writes:
Oh my goodness, we can't believe you have funded our project so fast. This brings me such great joy, that I can't even contain myself. I have never wished Monday would come so fast, just so I can share the great news with my "Purling for a Purpose" group. They would shout a huge thank you. Maybe if you listen real hard Monday at 3:00, you will hear them! A special thanks to the Knit Flix Challenge for encouraging others to give to knitters!

With gratitude,
Mrs. R

Mrs. W from The Knitting Club in NY writes:
I wish I could convey to you how much this funding for my project will mean to the students who join my knitting club. We have grown into a social circle, we laugh, and talk and knit, the students are learning by using math and fine-motor coordination, but also some social skills! We are learning to read patterns and share with others. My students are all supporting the learning of each other by being peer mentors. This simple project has enriched not only my students but me as well. Thank you very much.

With gratitude,
Ms. W

Knowing where my contribution goes and hearing what impact it makes is worth every penny.

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