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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Best Day Ever - Part 2: What is "Other Fiber Art"?

When filling out the entry form for the California State Fair, I am challenged when I need to choose a category for certain pieces. For example, is a shawl "Knitted Wearing Apparel" or is it "Any Other Knitted Item"? I would think that if it is worn it is considered apparel, but maybe it's considered an accessory and belongs in the "other" category. Just to be sure, I checked with the folks in Sacramento and they confirmed it was apparel. Good enough. But here's the thing--there was another shawl submitted to the "Other" category--and by the way there far fewer entries in the other category than there are in the apparel category--and that shawl won 1st place. I wonder if I didn't ask and labeled it as "other", would I have done better? Well it doesn't matter now and my sense of fairness says I did the right thing. My items were judged against other items that were made to be worn. But still... oh, never mind.

There's another division called "Other Fiber Art". I view it as a catch-all category for those pieces that don't fit into the obvious knit or crochet divisions. Within this division, there are these classes:
  • Lace/Tatting
  • Traditional Hooked Rugs
  • Any Other Fiber Art
So we have an "other" class within an "other" division.

"Other Fiber Art" -> "Any Other Fiber Art" is where you'll find handwoven items, handspun yarn, felting, basket weaving, rag rugs, etc.. It can be a rather large and diverse class when you think about it. So why did I bring this up? Well it turns out that my sister's handwoven blanket not only took first place in the "Any Other Fiber Art" class, but it also won Best of Division for all "Other Fiber Art"!

Best of Division, 1st Place, 165 - Other Fiber Art, 03 - Any Other Fiber Art
Grace Kang

Wow! This was the first year that she entered something in the fair and she had a fantastic result! Well deserved congratulations to Grace. Kudos!!

I'm sure this means we will be competing against each other for years to come. Not sure that I'm excited about that idea only because I don't recall that she and I competed against each other (much? ever?) in the past. This is a new thing. But at least if I come in second (or third or honorable mention) to her pieces, I can be happy for the both of us. Speaking of second place & honorable mention, that's exactly what happened this year. One of my entries in the "Any Other Fiber Art" class received a second place ribbon and another received an honorable mention.

2nd Place, 165 - Other Fiber Art, 03 - Any Other Fiber Art
Janice Kang
Crackle Sac

Honorable Mention, 165 - Other Fiber Art, 03 - Any Other Fiber Art
Janice Kang
Merino, Baby Camel, Silk

Last but not least, here are a few of the other entries in the Other Fiber Art Division. All in all I'd say we did well with 3 of 36 items that placed in this division. We have no way of knowing what the total number of submissions was.

3rd Place, 165 - Other Fiber Art, 03 - Any Other Fiber Art
Eve Broughton
Series VII #14

1st Place, 165 - Other Fiber Art, 01 - Lace/Tatting
Eve Broughton
Series VII #14

15 - Camellia City Rug Hookers Guild Award, Honorable Mention, 165 - Other Fiber Art, 02 - Traditional Hooked Rugs
Elizabeth Williams
Long Runner

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  • I found the Other Fiber Arts division perplexing as well. I haven't entered for a couple of years, but when I did enter my knitted lace tablecloth, it was categorized as "other." In the Crochet division, there is a designation "Coverings" which includes tablecloths. In the Knitted division, there is no such division, just "any other knitted item." However, in the Other Fiber Art division - lace/tatting/weaving -- they do specify knitted lace, so that's where my tablecloth was entered, and it won.

    By Blogger OceanKnitter, at 7/29/2014 5:10 PM  

  • Wow, it's a one-two Punch of Kang Awesome! Love it! And that hooked rug is fab-u also.

    By Blogger spinnity, at 7/29/2014 9:14 PM  

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