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Saturday, July 26, 2008

FO: Hemp Spa cloth

Mmmm... smells like a concert.
- Marge Simpson, Mona Leaves-a

Yarn: Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6, Color = Fog, 80 gms
Needles: 4.0mm / US6
Pattern: Round Dishcloth by Amy Carpenter from Dishcloth Boutique

Project details on Ravelry

A week ago I was invited to a surprise birthday celebration for a friend at work... on Monday. Eek, what to make?

Dishcloth Boutique to the rescue!

The spa cloth was cast on Saturday morning, grafted, ends woven in that night, and blocked on Sunday.

I wanted to make a generous size so I started with a long tail CO of 31 sts and did 5 yo’s and BO 5 sts per point. The finished cloth is oversized--perhaps a little too big--at 13-1/2 inches in diameter. Next time I’ll make it smaller and CO ~25 sts.

The cloth was finished by doing a garter st graft of the live sts to the CO edge. Thanks to Spinnity, Bill, and Jo for the encouragement (and sustenance) provided to get me through the grafting evening.

The spa cloth was paired with a fragrant bar of soap from The Body Shop and gifted on Monday.

!!Happy Birthday Vernie!!

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