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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Love Ride

We took a quick trip to Pomona last weekend to take part in the Love Ride, an annual charity event for MS. We didn't ride, Roger and the band opened for the Foo Fighters and ZZ Top.

We flew to Ontario Saturday evening and settled into the hotel right next to the Fairplex. The van was going to leave for the gig the next morning at 9:00 because the band was scheduled to perform at 11:15AM. Man, that's waaaay too early for rock and roll.

But as usual the guys stepped up and performed a non-stop raucous set for the audience which included troops in Iraq via a live feed.

The Tubes at the 25th Annual Love Ride

Of course Don't Touch Me There with the Lovely Kate was a hit with the crowd.

The Tubes - Don't Touch Me There

You should have seen the contraption they used to get the Harley onto the stage--it involved a forklift and some fancy platform, and for sure a licensed operator. Alas, no photo of that.

The Tubes - She's a Beauty

As the set rocketed forward, the number of people watching on the stage grew as well--in anticipation of seeing Quay Lewd and Nancy Nurse no doubt.

The Tubes - WPOD

I was able to Kinnear a few of the onstage onlookers--

Dave Grohl

Gene Simmons

Jay Leno

Peter Fonda and Robert Patrick were also there, but I couldn't get a clear shot of either. It was rumored that William Shatner was going to be at the event but none of us saw him. Drat!

The Foo Fighters were up next and they had a killer set. They gave props to The Tubes a couple of times - said they were big fans and referred the guys as "bad-ass". Very cool.

Dave Grohl

The FF's are from SoCal, so they had plenty of friends and family there. Taylor Hawkins' son looks like he's going to follow in his dad's footsteps, what do you think?

Taylor Hawkins

Wee drummer

After their set I did the groupie thing and grabbed Taylor's setlist off the stage and had the FF's sign it. I felt kind of stupid doing it, but hey, when am I going to have an opportunity like this again?

Roger was ready with the cam and snapped a quick one for me.

Dave Grohl humors a fan

ZZ Top were hunkered down in their air conditioned coaches and we left for the airport during their set. No photos of the bearded ones.

What a day!

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  • WOW!! What a fantastic day. You Kinneard some great photots but really scored with the posed picture of Dave Grohl. HOT!

    By Blogger Lisa, at 10/28/2008 1:13 PM  

  • Dave Grohl is adorable. Insert girlie sigh here.

    I like your top too. Very cute!

    By Blogger Abigail, at 10/28/2008 3:26 PM  

  • OMGHMFSBz! What an awesome day! You rock! ...and The Tubes do too, of course ;)

    By Anonymous jeni, at 10/28/2008 5:57 PM  

  • Cool weekend! You were hanging with all the right people and looking good at the same time. Man. Some day I wanna be as cool as you.

    By Blogger spinnity, at 10/29/2008 12:50 AM  

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