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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new favorite: Oatmeal Date Bread

We came home from the warehouse store with a multi-pound bag of steel cut oats. Okay, now what to make other than oatmeal? I turned to my trusty bread book--

and found a recipe for Oatmeal Date Bread.

Hmmm. Dates. I don't like dates, but we do have them in the fridge. Eh, what the heck? Maybe enclosing them in a hearty bread will change my mind.

Measure. Chop. Stir. Rise. Refrigerate. Shape. Rise. Bake. Cool. Slice. Toast. Butter. Eat. Smile.

Oatmeal Date Bread

Next I'll add chopped pecans and more dates (who am I?!). It's a very tasty bread.

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