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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fresh and tasty

My local Farmers' Market had Mandarin oranges on Sunday, so I thought I'd try this recipe: Mandarin Orange Marmalade

The process spans 3 days, but the most difficult part (which wasn't difficult at all) was cutting up the fruit. I referred to Hitchhiking to Heaven's blog post, How to Slice Citrus Fruit for Marmalade. Mandarin oranges don't have seeds, so the chopping 3+ pounds went pretty quick.

Yesterday was the 3rd day of the process and I canned 6-2/3 pints of lovely marmalade.

Mandarin Orange Marmalade
Mandarin Orange Marmalade

I dove into the partial jar this morning and spread a generous amount on my breakfast bread, Oatmeal Date Nut (with dried cranberries) from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Good morning!
Good morning!

I wish I didn't wait so long to make this marmalade. Hopefully the Farmers' Market will have more Mandarin oranges in the weeks to come.

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