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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Estonian elegance

Thanks for all the feedback on the Haapsalu shawl. It was a challenge and an accomplishment to finish this project, so much so that I haven't picked up another knitting project since. Maybe that will change this week.

I took the FO to the spin-in yesterday and asked Bill & Spinnity to help me with a few shots of it on the shoulders. It was nice to model my own FO.

It's beautifully elegant, even with jeans.

Haapsalu shawl

Haapsalu shawl

Haapsalu shawl

The shawl pattern is from The Haapsalu Shawl by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi. The shawl stitch pattern is called Silvia and the edging is at the bottom of page 181.

I tried to follow the instructions in the book for sewing on the edging, but I wasn't getting a point of the edging to line up at the corner of the shawl. After trying again and getting the same result, I recalculated the edge-to-shawl stitch ratio along the short and long edges of the shawl and voila, it all worked.

Back to spinning!

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