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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knit Flix Challenge Spotlight Project: Chromebooks for a local high school classroom

This week's Knit Flix Challenge spotlight project is one started by the high school history teacher of a friend's daughter here in the Bay Area. Many of the kids at this school don't have access to computers, and these Chromebooks will help the teacher transition to project-based learning in the classroom. They've raised over 85% of the funds needed to reach their goal and I hope you'll consider helping them towards the last 15%.

To give, follow the link to the Knit Flix Challenge and click on the Chromebooks, part II project.

Project: Chromebooks, part II
Teacher: Mr. Lindgren-Streicher
School: Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, CA | High Poverty
Total cost: $7,132. Funds to go: $1020

  • My Students: Imagine a project based classroom where inquiry rules and passion-based learning happens regularly. That's my vision. Read on to see how and why you can help me get there!

    My 9th and 10th graders are a diverse bunch in every sense of the word - ethnic background, family income, reading level, access to technology - the list could go on. A unifying theme, though, is that they are generally excited to come to history class. However, the digital divide is very real in my classroom - some students have their own laptop at home that they can bring to school, some have a smartphone in their pocket they can use, while others do not have a way to access the web inside or outside of class. Having a complete class set of Chromebooks would level the digital divide in my classroom.

  • My Project: I am requesting 20 Chromebooks so my classroom had one device per student (known as 1:1). This will allow me to take substantial steps to get closer to my ideal classroom. This classroom is driven by inquiry and student passion.

    This Donors Choose project would allow me to make an extremely smooth transition to project-based learning (PBL). Implementing PBL would allow my history units to be driven by student questions and create more opportunity for authentic inquiry and creation in my classroom - 1:1 would allow this inquiry to simultaneously be directed in 28 different directions at once.

    Additionally, I will be spending one day/week next year on passion-driven learning that is divorced from content. I implemented this type of learning, known as genius hour or 20% time, this year in my class with varying degrees of success. Going 1:1 would allow all students the opportunity to drive their own learning during these times using whatever tools, digital or otherwise, that they need.

    This project would revolutionize my classroom as well as the learning experiences my students have when they are with me. It would enable authentic inquiry as well as rich passion-based learning. Additionally, the digital divide that exists in my classroom would be completely smashed.

    This project will make students more excited to be in my classroom every day. Thank you for considering supporting this worthy project.
Donations made through are tax deductible.

Spread the word, share this blog post with your friends, and pay it forward!

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