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Monday, August 08, 2016

The Games from different points of view

Steve Wozniak's tweets introduced me to blogs that present the Olympics from a different point of view--

Sara in Rio: Woz's daughter works as an attorney and is part of the legal team for the USOC. Her blog starts with the athletes' Team Ambassador Training program in Houston. She's posting daily about her work and her experiences in Houston & now Rio.

Jeff Cable's Blog: A pro photographer who is capturing the games in Rio. Here's a shot from his assignment at the white water rafting venue:

Image from Jeff Cable's Blog.

And here's one more data source I found interesting, The Olympic Games Team Handbook for the USA Equestrian Team. It addresses everything from accommodations, meals, and transportation, to insurance, clean sport (drug testing), and social media.

As much as there is controversy around every Olympics, I enjoy watching sports don't get much (or any) coverage on main stream media.

Are you watching the Summer Games? What are your impressions so far?



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