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Friday, August 13, 2004

Aug 18th Knitting Meetup & Stash Swap

This Wednesday is the International Knitting Meetup and the Santa Clara IKM'ers are planning to hold a stash swap at the meeting.

From the sound of it, not many of of the IKM'ers (including me) have participated in a stash swap before. Spinnity did some research and found these helpful guidelines:

  • Try to bring something to swap! If you don't have yarn to give up, do you have a spare scarf that has no destination? Some needles you don't use? A book you want to pass on?

  • You do not need to exchange 1:1. You can take out more than you put in.
  • Try to present your yarn in usable/attractive condition. Nice neat balls will go home faster than a pile of knots. "Leftover" yarn is OK, yarn enough for a project is even better.

  • If you know how much yarn is present, or what it was going to be, consider making a note to include with the yarn "1500 yds - Enough for an XL women's tank top".

What to bring, what to bring? Maybe the 10 skeins of superwash wool? I make a run at the Arrowhead sweater with it, but I found that I didn't like the pattern as much as I thought. I need to make room for the yarn on order.

What else? I believe there is some sock yarn that I can part with, and maybe some kitchen cotton.

When Jeni first brought up the idea of a swap, I couldn't think of anything to bring. Now I think it'll be a big bag of yarn. If it all works out, I'll come home with a much smaller bag of yarn.


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