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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How fast is fast?

How fast is fast? This year it's 255st in 3 minutes. Yikes!

Scotland : Scottish knitter wins prize at World Speed Knitting Championships
12th October 2004

Knitter from Scotland's remote Shetland Islands entered her mane in record books on Saturday, for her fastest needlework at the World Speed Knitting Championships.

Hazel Tindall made 255 stitches in three minutes –a world record leaving runner-up Olga Pobedeskaya of London, way behind at 214 stitches in the same time.

Defending champion and former world-record holder Wendy Moorby, from West Yorkshire, rounded up the all-British top three with 207 stitches.

Tindall, a school administrator, said she first took up the family tradition of knitting when only four.

"Winning the competition feels a bit unreal. The opposition was very stiff," Tindall said.

About 100 people participated in the knitting race at a Knitting and Stitching Show in the British capital, according a spokesperson.

Tindall said she planned to defend her title next year - as long as the school holiday schedule permitted.

Meanwhile Thursday had the American author and designer Lily Chin, defend her speed crochet title, setting a new world record with 86 triple crochets in three minutes.


  • I saw this on KRF and couldn't believe it. Pretty amazing. Only problem is knitting that fast doesn't allow you time to stop and fondle your knitting! ;)

    By Blogger Christina, at 10/13/2004 7:38 PM  

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