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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Peanuts in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, California is home of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and of course Charles M. Schulz.

When we were there last month for a gig at the Last Day Saloon, R & I walked to Aroma Roasters for a cup of coffee, and it wasn't just any cup of coffee. I don't know what I'm being served at big-chain coffee shops, but Aroma Roasters' soy cap was head and shoulders above anything I've had in a paper cup in the last year. The coffee was rich, tasty, and full bodied, and the soy was steamed to perfection and wasn't the least bit beanie. The cap took me back to my days at Berkeley. Oooo, it was good!

Oh yeah, back to Snoopy. So anyway, we walked around the block and R snapped a few of me with the Peanuts gang. I loved Peanuts when I was growing up--we must have had just about every book that was published. In one short walk I was taken back to college and grade school at the same time. How about that?

In celebration of

Snoopy & CB


The original Snoop Dog

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