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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Music, icons, and angels

A couple of weeks ago, a last minute email came in asking if we wanted to go to KFOG KaBoom. Sure! We were going to SF that evening anyway, so we just went up a little earlier. Our friend was nice enough to buff us out with passes which meant we didn't have to hang out in the huge crowd. (I'm so spoiled.)

KFOG Kaboom 2009

We saw and really enjoyed

Chuck Prophet


Susan Tedeschi (who sounds just like Bonnie Raitt)

We had to leave early for dinner and the next event so we didn't get to see Los Lonely Boys or the fireworks.

Dinner was at The Stinking Rose.

Silence of the Lamb Shank with Chianti glaze and fava beans, Swiss chard, and garlic mashed Yukon Gold potatoes--it was so good!

The garlic content wasn't too high as long as I stayed away from the whole cloves that were hidden in the potatoes and among the fava beans. Hmmm... I don't *think* I smelled like a stinking rose after that meal... but that's difficult to judge isn't it?

From there we went to the opening of Iconic Interpretations with works from over 30 artists including Prairie Prince, Pete the Painter, Amandalynn, and Robin Grass.

Eyecon, Prairie Prince

Jesus just left Chicago, Prairie Prince

Mary Magdalene, St. Lucifer and the Man of Sorrows, Prairie Prince

Our Lady Margareeta Chiquita, Amandalynn

21st Century Madonna, Robin Grass

Harpist Brittany graced the crowd with beautiful music.


Music, icons, and angels. And garlic.

ETA Robin Grass' work.

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