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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Living up to its potential

Remember this little guy?

First lime of 2010 in February

First lime of 2010 in April

Believe it or not it was still on the tree yesterday.

First lime of 2010 in November

You're probably thinking, "I thought it was a lime." I know, the color is deceiving. It is a lime. We've found that if we pick them when they have some yellow color they're bursting with tasty juiciness.

After taking the photo I picked what I needed for Thanksgiving dessert. The First Lime of 2010 literally fell off the tree when I touched it. Uh oh, maybe I waited too long? No, the fruit was firm and the skin was unblemished. Nice.

The little lime hung on for close to a year and its zest and juice are now in an Old Fashioned Lime Pie, one of the desserts for today's family gathering.

Lime Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!

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