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Saturday, November 13, 2010

New yarn: Sausalito

The other day a bulging envelope arrived from Crystal Palace Yarn. I love it when surprises come in the mail. Exciting! What did Susan send me???

[rip rip tear tear]


Sausalito from Crystal Palace Yarn

Crystal Palace Yarn, Sausalito, color = Coffee Cake
80% machine-washable Merino, 20% nylon
198 yds / 50 gms
6-8 sts / inch
Sausalito color card

Sausalito is a 2-ply yarn that is slow-striping. I separated the plies in the photo above to see how thin the singles are--the barber pole effect reminds me of my 2-ply handspun, but of course it's much more evenly spun and plied than my handspun. Maybe I should say that Sausalito is what I imagine my 2-ply handspun to be as I'm spinning it.

I've been working on a design and a slow-striping yarn might be just the right match for it.

So Sausalito is a favorite destination, a delicious cookie, and now a lovely yarn. How appropriate!

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