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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Current WIP

Yarn: King Cole Soft as Silk
Needles: 6 & 8
Pattern: #9 Cable/Lace Cardigan,
Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2004

As I mentioned before, I had to go up in needle size to get the correct gauge: the pattern calls for #5 needles, but I had to size up to #8's. Good thing I made a swatch! Take a look at the bottom of the sweater in the detailed picture below. I thought it was a crochet edging when I saw it in the mag, but it's *yo k2tog* across.

The pattern calls for S2KP (sl 2 k1 pass 2 sts over k1) for the left leaning decreases, but I couldn't pass over the stitches without stretching them too much. I asked for help in the Knitters Review Forums and got a better solution, k3tog thru the back loop.

Here's a picture of the detail:


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