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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More on the cellphone cozy

Jeni asked about the cellphone cozy design. I made it up, with a little help from SnB.

I wanted to avoid seaming, so the cozy was knit in the round except for the top flap.

It started with measuring the cellphone's circumference and translating that measurement into an even number of stitches. My cellphone is 5" around, and my gauge is 9st/2in, so I cast on 24 st. What I should have done was cast on fewer st (like 20) so the cozy would have been tighter around the phone.

Knit in the round until the cozy is as tall as the phone.

For the flap, cast off one side, plus 2 st on the other side to create a notch for the antenna. Knit 2 rows of the flap and then cast on 2 st on the antenna side to complete the notch. Knit the flap to desired length and cast off.

Seam the bottom, add a closure, and you're done.

About the closure, well, I haven't quite finished that yet. I've attached a piece of yarn that I wrap around the cozy to keep it closed. At some point I hope to come up with a more permanent solution. Maybe the same closure as Charcoal Sophie?

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