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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Second half

The first half of the Ivy Leaf Lace shawl is finished.

With gentle pinning (not the extreme pinning in the last photo), this half including the center panel is 3 feet long.

Now that I look at the scrolls in their finished form, I think I should have spaced them a bit closer--like 2 stitches closer. A minor point, but something to remember if I ever write out this pattern.

[The pairs of horizontal white lines at the top and bottom of the ivy panel are lifelines and won't be there when the shawl is finished.]

The second half is on the needles and I'm about 4 rows away from finishing the Versailles border. For me, the border is the most difficult part of the shawl as the lace patterning is done on the right side and the wrong side. Because they're positioned next to a yo, each p2tog-tbl requires some fancy manuevering.

On a separate note, I wasn't able to go to SnB last week and this week I've got the beginnings of a cold. Next week we're planning on going to the World Golf Championships in San Francisco, so that'll be 3 weeks of no SnB. I miss stitchin' with the knitterly bunch. :-( But I should be back on track in mid-October.


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