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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look before you leap

Or in this case, measure before you rip.

I wasn't completely owning up to this until Emy's comment yesterday. Now I have to 'fess up.

I wanted the VK Diamond Pullover to be smaller. Immediately. So I took it apart and started ripping. Did I take the time to figure out how much smaller? Well, no.

It turns out the fabric on the smaller version is denser, sturdier, and has less stretch, so just saying I wanted the sweater to be 3" smaller (which is probably in the right ballpark) wouldn't have been 100% right anyway because the fabric doesn't behave the same way. But still. Would it have been that much trouble to pull out a measuring tape?

But I think it'll be okay. Maybe I'll measure a sweater that fits just to verify.

And to answer Cookie's question on whether I'm going to do anything to the armholes, I hadn't thought about it. It's a raglan of sorts so it should scale proportionally--maybe that's all it needs.

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