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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A colorful workshop and a question

Last weekend a group of us got together at Spinnity & Bill's place for a DSLR photo workshop.

Bill is a nature photographer who takes awesome bird photos. He's been publishing his "Bird Walker" calendar for a few years now. I ordered a bunch for Christmas presents last year and they were a hit! It's not too late to order one for yourself--it's a great calendar for the fridge with lots of room to keep track of everyone's schedule, not to mention the amazing images of our fine feathered friends. How he's able to take photos of moving, skittish birds is beyond me. I have enough trouble with stationary balls of yarn.

Back to the workshop--the group was mainly knitters and bloggers who were interested in learning more about displaying images that we can be happy with and how to get more out of a DSLR.

Topics that we learned about and discussed at length were light & color, camera terminology, color representation, and processing and posting images. Oh yes, another hot topic was Brooklyn Tweed--how does Jared do it?!

Clockwise from LL: Lori, Spinnity, Cookie, Brianna, Jeni, and Bill

Jeni and Bill

We had 2 light tents set up and a gray card at our disposal.



Jeni using a remote and holding the gray card

Lol. The yarn on the outside of the tent sure looks familiar.

I learned a lot, like why my camera wants to interpret white as gray--but not in every shot. And how to use a gray card. Good stuff.

My nemesis is color. I see one color, but the camera and software display a different color--and depending on which monitor I use, it is yet another color. It's frustrating and challenging and I just do my best. Reds and purples are especially difficult for me so I took some purple/magenta yarn to the workshop.

Here's the problem that made me throw up my hands and want to give up. After working with the gray card in a light tent and a bit of Photoshop, I was able to get a somewhat realistic representation of the colors.

PS Screenshot

I upload to Flickr and saw this.


I blamed Flickr immediately. But as I delved deeper, I found that the Flickr image was the same image I saw when I opened the file in Windows Picture Viewer, Firefox, IE, and Canon's ZoomBrowser EX. Sorry Flickr, I spoke too soon--the culprit appears to be Photoshop.

So here's the question for all of you. Do you know what setting(s) I need to change in Photoshop to fix this problem?

It's a clean install of PS6. I've saved the file with ICC Profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. No change. It's probably a quick setting change, but as deep as PS is it'll take me forever to find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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