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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fresh new knitting, but not yet

New projects to cast on!

Thanks so much to Spinnity for the pattern and the yarn--I'm looking forward to starting these gloves.

Beth Brown-Reinsel's Sanquhar Glove pattern
with Elemental Affects Natural Shetland Fingering in Musket & Shaela

These colors of Elemental Affects yarn are not dyed, they're naturally colored--they're sheep colored! lol

The other new project will be

Elsebeth Lavold's Pretzel Cable Cardi from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008
with di.Ve' Zenith in Port from WEBS

But before I start either of them, I've got a list of projects that need to be addressed. The gloves and sweater will be my reward for finishing most (if not all) of these:

  • A pattern and knitting. The pattern is 80% along and the knitting is close to finished. Deadline: Stitches West
  • A new sock pattern and knitting for... not sure where this will be submitted, it depends on when it's finished. This design is going through its final iterations.
  • 50/50 Merino Tencel : 2 singles ready for plying.
  • Stitches West homework. Just a bit of ribbing.
  • Sipalu Bag: The reverse st st bit at the top of the bag is flaring out, even after blocking. It needs to be ripped out and re-knit on smaller needles. I'd like to start (maybe even finish) knitting the strap before starting a new project.
  • Aguona Laptop Bag: Needs a zipper, maybe lining, and sewing up in general.
My goal is to finish the first 4 on the list before starting a new project. If I get through all 6, so much the better.

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  • That's quite a list! You must be wigging a bit to have that many projects on the needles at once, but it's really not so bad! If you need some perspective, I'll give you a tour of my UFO closet. :-)

    By Blogger spinnity, at 1/20/2009 11:49 PM  

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