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Monday, June 01, 2009

Learn and apply

In April, guest instructor Cynthia Null treated the Knitspiration Knitting Guild of Silicon Valley to a hands-on workshop called "Line That Bag!".
Learn to line your hand-knitted bags -- and keep it simple! When you know the underlying principles, it's easy to custom-fit your lining to any individual bag (flat, big, small, bucket-style, etc).

The workshop was extremely helpful--everyone created a lining pattern, and learned how to design and sew pockets, install zippers, and heard tips and tricks on how to save time, reduce bulk, and create a custom lining.

Today I applied what I learned and made the lining for the Sipalu Bag.

Sipalu Bag and lining

The fabric is a chocolate brown home decor brocade that I picked up on sale at a local fabric store. It wasn't until today that I was able to find plain chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon, which was perfect for trimming the pockets.

Here's one side with multiple pockets. The iPhone fits perfectly in the pocket next to the Blackberry.

Sipalu Bag lining

The other side has a single pocket.

Sipalu Bag lining

Like the bag, the lining is box shaped. I'm proud of the corners, but I had a difficult time photographing them.

Sipalu Bag lining - corners

I learned a lot at the workshop and the lining came together quickly without any seam ripping. It's much better than what I would have come up with on my own.

Now I need to line the strap and sew it all together.

Thank you Cynthia and Knitspiration!

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