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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keeping the vampires at bay

Halloween (yes, yes, I'm almost 3 weeks late with this post) is usually spent at home, waiting for the doorbell to ring. After answering the door 5 or 6 times the bell stops ringing and rest of the candy is ours. That's not necessarily a good thing. We have kids in the neighborhood, but they must go elsewhere because I've never had many trick-or-treaters. And no, the house isn't especially unapproachable.

This year was different. I had to work on Halloween day, but we decided to go out in the evening and have some fun. (Fun, what a concept!)

I put a paper plate filled with store bought candy on the front porch and hoped the kids would do the right thing. I thought about putting up a sign, "Take One", but let's be real. Sign or no sign, they would do whatever their conscience would bear.

I dressed as character that was sought by many in the 90's.


The hat isn't quite right, but it's what I had on hand. Apparently Waldo joined Team Zissou.

We drove to San Francisco and headed to Columbus Ave. Traffic wasn't that bad and parking was easy. Crazy, right?! We were expecting the worst with it being Halloween and all. Perhaps the Bay Bridge closure kept people away.

Dinner was at The Stinking Rose.

I had the pork chop which was good, but the halibut was the winner by a mile.

Garlic with pork chop, apples, and smashed potatoes

Garlic with Halibut

After dinner we walked to Bimbo's to see Super Diamond. The guys are so nice and they put on a very entertaining show. This was the 3rd (or 4th) time we've seen them. Most of the audience was in costume and the band was doing a pretty darned good impression of the Captain & crew of the Starship Enterprise--if Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and no-named red-shirt guys were in a band that is.

Channeling Kirk

Okay, maybe that doesn't make any sense but you get the idea.

We had a fun time singing along to Neil Diamond favorites.

On the way to the car, I ran into two other Waldos. "There you are!" was heard x3.

When we got home the paper plate was empty--no surprise--and there was a footprint on it. Hmmmm, maybe one of the kidlets got angry the candy was gone? We had a good laugh over it.

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