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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's going on here?

Only HKF posts with an occasional weaving post? Bad blogger.

Actually, work was overwhelming for weeks. Our year-end was at the end of October and the madness started a few weeks before and continued for a few weeks after. So one month out of three is a trial and year-end is the worst.

Work is still stressful, but not as crazy as it was before. And what's up with Thanksgiving being next week? Goodness I'm not ready for the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's rush because guess what comes after that? Quarter-end!

I have been knitting though. It's necessary in order to retain a shred of sanity through all of this.

Here's what's been happening on the knitting front--
  • 1 new pattern knit in 2 sizes and submitted for publication.
    *fingers crossed*

  • 4 chemo caps--a beanie, a hat with fold up brim, a slouchy beret, and a turban. Patterns for the first 3 need to be finished.

  • Another FO which cannot be shared at this time.

  • Snowman Illusion Mitts designed by Fiber Fiend

    Snowman Illusion Mitts

4 chemo caps? Yes, unfortunately. I'm knitting them for friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

More about Halloween and kitchen crafts coming soon.

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