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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitchen crafts

Weekends are for shopping at the Farmers' Market and cooking. Here are a few of the FO's from the kitchen:

  • Focaccia with Onion and Rosemary


    The recipe is from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and I used the light wheat bread dough. Easy, relatively fast (much faster than a loaf of bread) and very tasty. It makes yummy sandwiches too.

  • Peach/Pear-Apple Jam

    Peach/Pear-Apple jam

    These were the last peaches from our Farmers' Market and some pear-apples from my parents tree. I love the color and the intense peach flavor.

  • Garlic Dill Pickles

    Garlic Dill Pickles

    The recipe is from Food in Jars. These are easy to make and taste really good. The combination of vinegar, salt, and peppers really gives them zing. I had almost a quart of brine left over, so next time I'll make 3/4 of what the recipe suggests.

  • Apple Pie in a Jar

    Apple Pie in a Jar

    4 lbs of Granny Smiths and yielded about 3-1/2 quarts of apples. I used this recipe and didn't have any issues with overflowing jars.

  • Rustic Apple Pie
    I was going to make an apple crisp with the canned apples but realized that I didn't have any brown sugar.

    Plan B: Turn a Rustic Apple Tart into a pie.

    Pie plate lined with Pate Sucree.

    Pate Sucree as Pie crust

    Dumped 1-1/2 quarts of Apple Pie in a Jar into the pie crust (which used up the 1/2 quart from the most recent batch).

    With apple pie filling

    Edges of the crust folded up, brushed with milk, and sprinkled with coarse sugar.

    Ready for the oven

    Baked at 350F for 30 min in the bottom third of the oven, then in the top third of the oven until nice and brown. Pie!

    Apple pie

    a la mode

    The juice bubbled over the sides of the pie plate and made a bit of a mess. Thankfully I had a sheet of foil on the bottom of the oven so clean up was quick and easy. Next time I'll put a cookie sheet under it.

  • Lemon Lime Marmalade

    The Meyer Lemon Marmalade recipe from Epicurious has only yielded ~4 pints for me in the past. That's a lot of work for not a lot of marmalade.

    This time I added 3 Bearss Limes from our tree and increased the recipe by 33%. Total weight = 2 lbs.

    Meyer Lemons and Bearss Limes

    Slicing, slicing, slicing

    The lemon seeds were secured in a cheesecloth pouch--they are a natural source of pectin. The fruit and seeds soaked in water for 24 hours.

    So fragrant

    The next day the solution was reduced for 45 minutes, sugar was added and it cooked for about 15 minutes, then the marmalade was transferred to pint jars and processed in a water bath.

    7 pints of Lemon Lime Marmalade

    I ended up with exactly 7 pints of beautiful marmalade. Yesss!

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