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Monday, March 08, 2010

Hey, I know what that is

Playing with fiber rubs off on those closest to us, don't you agree?

R met with a good friend of his and that friend showed him a hat that someone brought from Mongolia. R said, "Hey, I know what that is," and asked to borrow it so he could show it to me.

I love this.

Felt hat from Mongolia

It feels like wool felt and it is molded into the hat shape. The brim is turned up twice. It's not very thick and as a result feels delicate. I don't know how someone brought it all the way from Mongolia without denting it... they must have had a hatbox. There are no signs of wear and it's on the small side.

Check out the design on the opposite side:

Mongolia has horses, sheep, camels, and goats (cashmere goats!)--maybe this is a goat?

The design appears to be needle felted because this area is ever-so-slightly thicker than the rest of the hat.

Thank you for sharing.

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