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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

7th Veil

The head-sized ball of Superwash BFL that I bought from from Carolina Homespun at Stitches West is naked no more.

1 lb Superwash BFL

On Sunday I took out the dye stock that I had mixed up from the Mother MacKenzie's Miracle Dye Mix and went to work.

Mother MacKenzie's Miracle Dye Mix

I glugged together various colors in squeeze bottles (very scientific, huh?). Fortunately or not, that means that some of these colors are not easily reproducible. In my mind, they're "one of a kind".

Winging it

I was only able to dye one bump at a time so every time I laid out a fresh hunk of fiber I had a clean slate. What I find very funny (and perhaps revealing) is that I didn't remember what I had dyed before so I ended up with 2 bumps that are very close in colorway and another 2 bumps that are also closely related, but both pairs are very different. Schizophrenic much?

Love Me Baby

Bone Dry

Daughter of the Sea

7th Veil

Each bump is ~120 gms. I considered (4 x 100 gms) + 80 gms, but an 80 gm bump wasn't something I was excited about so I went with more = better.

Naming these was difficult until I thought of a theme last night at band rehearsal. Why not name them after RSB songs? Also if I continue with that thinking then maybe (just maybe) I won't always end up with the same 2 colorway families.

More fiber! More fiber!

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  • I get that absolutely no one who's ever met me will be surprised by this, but I loveloveLOVE Daughter of the Sea.

    By Blogger Emy, at 6/02/2010 11:48 AM  

  • wonderful, I never get tired of seeing others' fibers especially when they are so beautiful in colour (fiber envy) ♥

    By Blogger, at 6/04/2010 1:17 AM  

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