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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last FOs of the year

I don't think I'm going to finish another project before Sunday, so here are my last FOs of 2011:

Waffle Weave towels
Honeycomb towels
Project details on Ravelry

I ran out of pale yellow 8/2 cotton, so I finished the last 2 towels in 8/2 cotton/linen. Those are the darker towels in the photo. They're hemmed, but not washed. Waffle weave should really be washed to finish and shrink the fabric, but I wanted to capture this moment just in case they don't look pretty after they're laundered.

The Gilmore is empty and ready for another project. I know what I'm going to make next, but I need to spend some time planning before I start warping.

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