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Monday, June 21, 2004

"Bend and stretch

Reach for the stars
There goes Jupiter, there goes Mars"

What was that from? Romper Room I think.

Whew, I'm tired! Yesterday was our second annual Father's Day Golf and Dinner. My father, brother-in-law, SO, and I played 18 holes at a golf course in Alameda. I did okay considering I haven't played in a long time. Had a couple of decent fairway shots and amazingly sank some long putts. All in all it was a great outing.

After that, we met up with my sister's and brother's families and the 12 of us enjoyed a wonderful meal at a Korean restaurant in Oakland. I ate so much, I felt like I was going to pop.

So today I'm a bit worn out. I'm not sore, although I expected to be. I think I'm just tired after all the activity. Hey, let's face it, knitting while watching Netflix rentals is not even close to qualifying as physical exercise. Too bad. Maybe I need to learn how to knit while pedaling the stationary bike. Hmmmm...


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