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Monday, July 12, 2004


Last night was a ripping good night. Converting the almost-finished sweater to 4 balls of yarn felt surprisingly good. It took longer than I thought, but I felt cleansed afterwards.

Then, I had to finish the Cable Cardigan rip-back that I started at SnB. Some of the larger cables weren't lying as flat as I would have liked, so I had to go back ~5 rows. Although I tried to be careful in threading a circular needle through the 240 stitches, I jumped down a row somewhere along the way. It took a while to figure out where to fix the problem, but I finally got it and rrrrrrripped away.

Funny thing is, after redoing the large cables, they're better, but they're still not lying flat. I think I'm going to have to compensate on the row before the cable row to add a bit more slack in those areas.


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