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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sophie mods and pre-felting photos

Here are the "before" photos for Charcoal Sophie:

The bottom, the strap, and 20% of the sides are complete here. Just 40 rows to go.

I'm trying a Double I-cord for the strap, another idea that I picked up from the Knitter's Review Forums.
  • Cast on 7 st
  • [K4, bring yarn to front, slip 3st as if to purl, turn]
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

Because the Double I-cord is 7st, I modified the pattern slightly so the handles would be centered.

  • Knit the strap first, starting with a provisional cast on.
  • When the strap is the desired length, put the stitches on a stitch holder. Now you have 7 live stitches on both ends of the strap, ready for grafting.
  • When picking up stitches for the sides of the bag, pick up and knit 17 st on the short sides.
  • When knitting the first row in the round, k39, PM, k17, PM, k39, PM, k17, PM.
  • After knitting the 50 rows and all the decreases for the sides, you should end up with 72st total.
  • BO 29 st, graft one end of the strap to the next 7 st, BO the next 29 st and graft the other end of the strap to the next 7 st, being careful not to twist the strap.

Here she is. Once I sew in a couple of loose ends, she'll be ready for the wash.


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