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Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Step Above begins

New project alert!

A Step Above socks from Knitter's 75 Summer 2004

After 2 rounds of rectangles, the sock is big. It'll fit okay on the leg, but I'm worried about the foot. Maybe I'm not knitting tight enough? The needles are the the same size as Addi Turbo #1's, but they're 0.25mm larger than what's called for. I've also been knitting looser than normal because this yarn tends to split.

Certainly if I knit tighter, the sock will be smaller and more comfortable to wear. Maybe it's time to frog.

But isn't it pretty?

Yarn: Brown Sheep Wildfoote, color=Brown Sugar, SY-500


  • That is definitely pretty!

    By Blogger Emy, at 12/12/2004 12:30 AM  

  • They are gorgeous!

    I think if I were you I would definately knit on with these like you are doing now, and then at the feet see if you have to knit them tighter or not. When I was knitting my first socks I thought: goodness me, these are BIG, but they miraculously fit :D

    By Blogger Sylver, at 12/12/2004 1:37 AM  

  • These look very pretty so far. I started a pair of socks (since frogged, but that's not the point) using Wildfoote and found that I needed to go to size 0s to make the fabric sturdy enough. Maybe for the foot/heel you could go down a size since that's where the most wear will occur anyway. Smaller foot, smaller gauge, no frogging! Good luck. :)

    By Blogger Molly, at 12/12/2004 4:04 PM  

  • I have both Wildfoote and Lorna's Laces here in the house and I think Wildfoote is just plain finer. I think you will want the smaller needles not just for fit but for firmness of fabric. It'd be a shame to knit these & then walk thru 'em!

    But the color and pattern are lovely. I'm ready to bet now that you will finish these before I finish mine!

    By Blogger spinnity, at 12/13/2004 12:32 PM  

  • Well, I ripped back to the ribbing and have started again on #1's, this time knitting tighter. I really don't want to rip this out and re-knit on #0's. Maybe I'll reinforce the toe & heel with wooly nylon.

    By Blogger Bogie, at 12/13/2004 1:57 PM  

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