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Friday, December 03, 2004

Time to start something new

If you're familiar with the way I work, you know I don't do well with multiple WIPs. More than 2, and things tend to languish. Case in point, when was the last time you got an update on Threepenny? 'Nuf said.

So, why did I start a new project? That's like asking a knitter, "Don't you have enough yarn?"

Actually, there is a reason. We're having a Secret Santa Gift Exchange at work in 2 weeks so I thought a handknit object would be a nice present.

So, here it is, the quickie scarf:

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun, color = Barrington, less than 1skein
+ Patons Cha Cha, color = Vegas, 2skeins
Needles: Denise #15
Garter st scarf, 15 st wide

The photo isn't so great--darn camera phone--but you get the idea. It's a Lion Brand Homespun + Patons Cha Cha scarf, a Michaels special.

Jerri was knitting a similar scarf at SnB last week, so when I found out about the gift exchange I IM'ed her right away to find out the particulars. She let me know that Michaels has Homespun on sale through Saturday for $3.97/sk. The Cha Cha was also on sale for the same price, so I was able to purchase everything for a little over the $10 gift limit.

After a few hours, I done with 1 skein of the Cha Cha, so this puppy should be done this weekend. Maybe I'll make a matching hat with the leftover Homespun--either with no Cha Cha, or just a bit around the lower edge.

That's not exactly the end of this story. I went back to Michaels yesterday to get the second skein of Cha Cha Vegas... and ended up buying more Homespun in Barrington and 2 skeins of Cha Cha in Jazz.

So there's another scarf and hat in my stash.

And no, I don't have enough yarn.


  • scarves are a great quick-knit gift idea. i'm working on a pair for my twin step-sisters. it's such a great way to make a (mostly) inexpensive gift more personal and thoughtful. way to go on the stash-enhancing field trip to michael's, btw.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/03/2004 2:50 PM  

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