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Sunday, November 14, 2004

SnB Nation & ASA yarn

Eureka, I found it!

I stopped in at the LYS, The Rug & Yarn Hut, before the SnB meeting today and they had SnB Nation. I bought it, and got to share it with the knitters today. We're on page 191. Very cool.

While I was there, I also picked up some Wildfoote sock yarn for the A Step Above socks from Knitters 75, Summer 2004. The colorway is called Brown Sugar.

Spinnity has a photo of her completed ASA sock on her blog, and I think it looks fantastic. I'll be going to her for assistance when I cast these on, that's for sure.


  • Wildefoote! I love Wildefoote! I have some in my stash from as far back as maybe 1990. My first socks were not Wildefoote, some sock kit I got from Patternworks. But my next 5 pairs were all Wildefoote. They have awesome colors & great hand.

    Watch for splitting, though, if you are using one of the tweeded yarns (4 colors spiraled together) Especially on some of the squidgy tiny rows of A Step Above, be careful about splitting the first/last stitch.

    I knit the base triangles and half the first row of rectangles for A Step Above scok #2 this weekend, so I am remembering all the things I learned the first time around .. way back in September! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

    By Blogger spinnity, at 11/17/2004 9:58 AM  

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