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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Zig Zag progress & pattern corrections

Update: Sorry folks, the pattern correction needed a correction. See the first bullet at the bottom of the post. I highlighted the change in red.

After making the decision to continue with Zig Zag, it's progressing well.

I divided for the front & back, and finished one repeat of the horizontal zig zag motif. One more, and it's stockinette shoulders and then the collar.

If you're interested in the yarn consumption of this sweater, I'm on balls 9-12. So far, it's right on target with the yarn hog estimate from last month.

If you're interested in making this sweater, there are 2 corrections to the pattern that haven't been published in Knitty.
  • Knit one row (RS) before beginning row 1 of Chart B.
  • Chart B is one st off for size small. Begin the pattern where instructed, but there will be one more stitch at the end of the row.


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