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Monday, November 29, 2004

Zig Zag Sleeves

What do we have here? Sleevage of course.

Here's the pattern along the outer arm, 3 motifs of the Zig Zag pattern separated by pairs of single cables.

Here is the pattern along the inner arm, stockinette with one pair of single cables up the middle. The sleeve increases are done in the stockinette section, so the outer arm pattern will remain the same while the stockinette sections grow.

Again, the flash has obliterated a lot of the cable detail, but you can see some of the detail in the ribbing--it's made up of twisted single cables and pairs of single cables in a field of purl.

The 2s2c method is serving me well now that the sleeves are of some length. It was a bit tricky when they were less than 3-4 inches, especially since the stitches don't move as easily on the Denise Needle cords as they would on Addi Turbos. But I'm quite happy to work them both at the same time so I don't have to work out the shaping twice.

Cool, no?


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