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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Half back

My less portable project has been Robin Melanson's Juliet Pullover from IK Summer 2004. This one is being worked in 20/2 linen from Habu Textiles, double stranded. The beads are 8/0 hex silver-lined beads that slip over one strand of the linen.

Click on the photo for a better view.

I've been worried about the fit of this project. Would the trim fall in the right places? Would the shape be flattering? How will it really look when you're not sitting crunched up and being viewed from above?

Spinnity helped me through my doubts with a careful examination of the schematic, measuring a sweater that fit me well, measuring my body, and more and more measuring. We concluded that the size I chose should work since the linen isn't going to have much stretch. In addition, the trim could be a tone-on-tone coloring so as not to break up the lines as much. But the beauty of the ribbon trim is it's detachable for laundering so you could change easily change the color to fit your mood.

The back is half done.

The beads are camera shy--you have to sneak up on them from an angle.

The eyelets are ready for a taste of velvet.

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