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Saturday, December 02, 2006

2006-18: Crystalline Lattice Socks, Bamboo Curry

Update: The Crystalline Lattice sock pattern has been posted on the Crystal Palace Yarns web site.

Yarn: Approx 96gm Crystal Palace Yarn Panda Wool, Color = Curry
Needles: Crystal Palace 2.5mm DPNs
Pattern: Crystalline Lattice

Both pairs of socks are finished and the pattern is ready to be sent to Crystal Palace Yarn. Actually, the socks will be sent to CPY as well so they can take them on the road. The Hydrangea socks will be returned to me, but they're going to keep the Curry socks. I'm kind of sad about that, but they're large (size 10) so it's not like they fit me anyway.

Speaking of fit, Becky was nice enough to try on the Curry socks to make sure they fit a size 10 foot. I'm happy to report that they fit just fine--not too tight, not too lose. If anything, she and I would have preferred a longer cuff, but I wanted to make the pair out of 2x50gm skeins. It's easy enough to buy another skein and lengthen the cuff, but I thought a knitter would want to know how long the cuff could be if she/he only had 100gms.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the yarn. It's soft and the bamboo gives it a beautiful luster. I love the socks and can't wait to get them back so I can start wearing them.

Here are both pairs.

Top: Curry, size=large; Bottom: Hydrangea, size=medium

Next up: Socks in Panda Cotton.

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