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Monday, August 20, 2007

Just a few more

California State Fair
August 17-September 3

A sign at the entrance of Cal Expo:

Ewe Tube??

I thought Ewe Tube was my deal.

There it was again.

My interest was peaked. As we looked around we saw this young girl.

Meet Ewe Tube.

She didn't look happy wearing the camera in her pen which was all of 6'x4'. Even if it was hooked up, what would we see? Bars? People looking at her? I've looked on the Fair's website and didn't see a ewe-cam feed. Not sure how this is being used. Maybe they were having technical difficulties on the first day. As Spinnity said, "Poor sheepy."

But where there was one poor sheepy, there were plenty of pampered sheepies. There was lots of this going on as the kids prepared their entries.

Ewe Primping

Did you know that sheep don't get red-eye in photos, they get blue-eye? I had never seen that before.


There were plenty of pigs, rabbits, chickens, and cows on display as well, but I didn't like many of the photos that I took because of the bars in each shot. But I liked this alpaca. He/she is wearing a harness because people were allowed to take him for a "test drive" and walk him around a bit.

Huacaya Alpaca

And what would a California State anything be without golden bears? I loved it.

Golden Bear in Legos
40,000 bricks skillfully placed by Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya.

I had to get my photo with one of the many golden bear statues at Cal Expo.

Go Bears!


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