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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going green

Today has been a green day.

First up, 1/2 a pound of Louet 80/20 Merino/Silk that I started spinning in June.

I know, the bobbin is too full.

Somewhere between lace & fingering weight

This was the first time I counted treadles during plying. 1-2-3-4-5-feed, 1-2-3-4-5-feed. After it's set and dry I'll be interested to see how even the twist is.

The second green item is a newly signed contract with Solar City. We'll be getting panels installed on the roof in 2008. Yeah Green!

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  • Pretty!

    Cool too about the solar panels. If I had extra energy I'd try to get my HOA to put solar panels on the roofs of all of our townhomes. I think that as a group, we could save a bundle.

    By Blogger Abigail, at 12/22/2007 8:53 PM  

  • Gorgeous yarn! I <3 the green. Congrats on the solar panels, too. I'm very interested to hear how the installation and 1st year go. We've been talking about the need for solar energy when we finally take the plunge and buy a house, but it seems like very daunting task to undertake.

    By Blogger theknitist, at 12/23/2007 8:22 AM  

  • Wow...even the bobbins are pretty. The yarn on the bobbins is lovely, but the bobbins themselves are also pretty.

    By Blogger Emy, at 12/23/2007 10:27 AM  

  • Beautiful yarn, can't wait to see what it becomes. And *wow* solar panels?? Very, very cool. Congrats!

    By Blogger spinnity, at 1/02/2008 1:12 PM  

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