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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A whole lotta pretty

A whole lotta = 825 yards / 106 grams.

825 yds / 106 gms, 2 ply lace weight
Silk/Merino Top from Lisa Souza Dyeworks

That might be typical for some spinners, but I was surprised when I counted the rounds on the niddy noddy. So surprised that I had to count them again just to make sure.

825 yds / 106 gms, 2 ply lace weight

I really like Merino Silk blends. The singles were so thin in spots that they resembled sewing thread and still didn't break. Using my handy dandy Spinner's Control Card, I measured the singles at 36-40+ wpi.

Spinner's Control Card

Neither of the singles broke during plying until I got close to the center of the first bobbin, then I had 3 breaks in about 40 yds. For some reason I didn't put enough twist in that section--maybe I was tired and wasn't treadling fast enough. I'm not good at joining during plying, so when I was winding off I cut that piece out.

I don't have definite plans for the yarn, but I have some ideas. More about that later. For now, I'm happy to admire the hank and to tag this post with the word "yarn".

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