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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Plan B for 1-2-3-2

My next weaving project was going to be Krokbragd fabric. Krokbragd is a 3-shaft weft-faced weave structure from Scandinavia. The threading and treadling pattern is always the same, so the patterning is achieved by changing weft color, similar to stranded knitting.

Here's a site with examples of Krokbragd--check out the sheep in the 3rd photo from the top. Amazing!

I thought that the firm fabric would be perfect to make new cushions for my rocking chair. Well, I worked out the project dimensions and warped the loom. However, when I started weaving I could not get the weft threads to pack down the way they needed to for the weave structure. I posted a question on the newly formed FB group for 4-shaft weavers and they confirmed that a thinner weft yarn would be more appropriate.

Darn it.

My loom was committed to a 1-2-3-2 threading. I turned to the internet. I did a search on and in no time I had a handful of drafts for the same threading.

After a little sampling, I had my Plan B. Draft #45336 4 sur 8, Planche A, No. 73, P. Falcot: Traité Encyclopedique et Méthodique de la Fabrication Des Tissus, ca 1844, France, 3 shafts, 3 treadles Draft #45336 4 sur 8, Planche A, No. 73
P. Falcot: Traité Encyclopedique et Méthodique de la Fabrication Des Tissus, ca 1844, France

The actual woven fabric below doesn't show the pattern as clearly as the draft because of the carpet warp vs. the worsted weft, but I really like the texture.

1-2-3-2 stripes
1-2-3-2 stripes
Project details on Ravelry

Thank goodness for Draft Search on Sure, I could have looked in my weaving books, but the site allowed me to search over 50 books/collections of drafts very quickly.

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  • I like the texture of your weaving & the colors are well co-ordinated.

    By Blogger Ann, at 2/12/2012 11:09 PM  

  • this is really gorgeous! congrats on working your way through the challenge to the beautiful!
    denise/deBrat FB 4-shaft weaving

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/14/2012 4:06 AM  

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