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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I downloaded Hello and used it yesterday to upload and post the Socks #2 photo. Very cool! Gone are the days of resizing and optimizing photos for the web, and the upload-and-post-in-one-step feature is great. I hope this service remains free for blogger customers for a long, long time.

The cardi is progressing well. I'm about at the end of my first 100gm skein, and coincidentally the back is 11 inches long--the length where the armholes are supposed to start. But I think I'll continue for a couple of inches more. This is billed as a short cardigan, and I think I'd wear it more if it was a tad longer.

There's a yarn that's caught my eye on WEBS, the Valley Yarns Merino Wool/Cashmere blend. One pound would make a sweater, and the non-sale price is only $27.00. Once I get further down the list of future projects, I'll probably pull the trigger and buy it.


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