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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Getting there--LF & RF are finished

Tears of the Sun (**)
Not awful, but definitely a rental. Another movie to knit by.

The last umpteen rows of the fronts seemed to drag on and on. I had to stop last night and write out row for row what to do on the right & left fronts and make note of the stitch count after each row. It's a good thing I did because keeping track of the armhole & neck decreases on both fronts would have been a real challenge. With the notes, I only had to worry about one row at a time.

Now for the sleeves. Most likely I'll work these 2 at a time like the fronts. It should be much easier since the shaping will be the same on both, and will be symmetrical.

But, I need to get going on sewing the lining of the vest tonight, so the sleeves may have to wait a bit. Once the lining's done, there'll be one fitting and then I'll cut the velvet. I need to make sure the pattern's right before cutting the velvet which costs 10x more than the lining.

Thanks for all the comments. It's strange to think that there are people out there reading this! Welcome to the blogging community, eh?


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