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Sunday, January 16, 2005

FO 2005-02: Bernat Baby Hoodie

Here she is, the Bernat Baby Hoodie:

Yarn: Bernat Baby Coordinates, color = 01000 White
Needles: Denise #5 & 6
Pattern: Bernat Baby Hoodie

The yarn is a "never again" yarn. It's one of those acrylics that has a thread wound around it to give it a crinkly look, but it also makes it very unpleasant to knit with. Probably the only good thing about it was the thread was it made Russian joins very easy.

This is the sweater that was originally cast on for a woman at work, but was deemed unsuitable once I found out the baby-to-be is a boy. Plan B was to give it to my Admin at work who just had a granddaughter. But I don't know the mom, so that doesn't seem quite right. At this point, there is no Plan C, so Baby Hoodie will be in storage for the time being.

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