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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Too many projects

The HFMG's are almost finished, just have the left thumb to go.

I showed them to the woman at work and also brought in 3 skeins of patterned JaWoll yarn so she could choose a color/pattern combo. Here's what she selected:

So my next project is waiting in the wings.

That means that the grey striped gloves are mine! The only problem is the left glove is slightly smaller than the right. I guess I cranked up the tension on that glove. Anyway, I may have to give them away to someone with smaller hands. We'll see.

But before I can cast on those gloves, I need to finish the Shawlapalooza wedding shawl. I'm knitting it to help out my friend Spinnity who's brother is getting married in 3 weeks. I'd like to finish the shawl in a week to give her enough time to stitch on a border.

My first assessment of the shawl lead me to believe this would be an easy deadline to meet. No problem! But, the Love yarn has mohair in it so I find myself having to put it down once the itchiness starts. Washing my hands and not touching my face helps prolong the knitting time, but even with that I get to the point where I have to put it all away for a few hours. It's not bad though, and Spinnity has offered numerous times to take the shawl back if it gets too uncomfortable for me. We're not there yet.

Then this weekend I got the not-so-bright idea to knit baby booties to go with the Big Bad Baby Blanket that's going to be given away at a baby shower on Wednesday (tomorrow!). Booties. How hard can they be? I should be able to whip out a pair like nothin'! I found this cute pattern and cast on last night. I got about halfway done with the first bootie when I realized it was going to be way too big. I could have recalc'd the pattern to make it work with the yarn and needles that I chose (seemingly at random. what was I thinking??), but hey, that would have taken too much time. So, rip-rip-rip, the booties are no more.

Good. I've got too much to do anyway.

And I haven't even mentioned my Clapotis, the Cross-Country Chullo, the long forgotten Threepenny Pullover, plenty of untouched sock yarn, and 10 skeins of Peruvian Highland Wool.

Knit on!


  • I wonder if using some Benedryl in spray/cream form (doesn't have to be Benadryl, just a topical antihistamine) on your hands would help at all?

    By Blogger Emy, at 2/22/2005 7:08 PM  

  • Eddie's Quilting Bee in Mountain View sells some "liquid gloves" that are supposed to protect your hands in instances like these. I have no idea what it really is, but maybe something like that would help.

    By Blogger Abigail, at 2/22/2005 8:07 PM  

  • Please don't suffer knitting for me, Janice! It already sounds like we've been a bad influence on you, the former queen of one project at a time.

    The gloves are gorgeous. I bet if you get them wet & give the left one a shake, it will fit just fine

    By Blogger spinnity, at 2/22/2005 9:53 PM  

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