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Friday, March 04, 2005

A wasted week

It's been pretty quiet over here because I caught a cold last weekend and it's been raging inside me since Monday. The depressing thing is, I don't feel better today than I did 3 days ago. I thought for sure I'd have turned the corner by now. Ugh.

[changing subjects]

Here's something else that's been frustrating me for days. I can't access the USPS site from my home network. The connection times out, or the connection is refused. It's as if the site is down. BUT, if I log through my work's VPN, I can access the site. So that tells me it's not a browser issue, it's a network issue.

I've got an Apple Airport network at home and haven't ever experienced this problem before. I have WEP encryption enabled and thought that might be the issue, so I turned it off but I still can't connect.

Any ideas? I'll have to write the USPS web folks on Monday from work, but I'm not hopeful that they'll have a solution for me.


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