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Monday, April 18, 2005

VK Flame Cardi Q & A

Here's some Q&A from the comments for the Flame Stitch Cardigan #9, Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005. (I love comments!)

Lisa D. wrote,
Love the way your Flame looks -- have you considered making the body a bit longer and leaving the scallop on the bottom edge to frame the body and sleeves, rather than ribbing?

A. For this sweater, I decided to keep the ribbing as I like the way it hugs the body. But, you're right, the scallop at the bottom edge would look nice. For now, I'll just have the scallop on the sleeves.

Ms Spinnity wrote,
Any chance the count discrepancy comes from differences in where you are in the pattern? Like.. you end the R front section with some straight knitting but you begin the L front with a K3 together or something like that?

A. Unfortunately the count discrepancy is not due to the stitch pattern. The divide for the fronts and back does not happen on a specific row in the pattern, it's done when the body is a certain length. Good guess tho.

Betsy wrote,
Very pretty, I'm thinking about making the flame. Are you happy with using wool rather than cotton? I see knitpicks now has affordable cotton and am trying to decide if I want cotton or wool.

A. I'm partial to wool and wool blends, so I'm probably not the best person to get advice regarding wool vs. cotton. I find that knitting with cotton is hard on my hands and wrists, so I tend to stay away from 100% cotton. Maybe a cotton blend would work well. I'm specifically thinking about the rib at the bottom where a bit of stretch in the yarn would be good. A solid colored yarn without a lot of texture would be fine. Lighter colors will make the stitch pattern more visible.


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